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Conquering the Second Highest Peak in Karnataka

By Arpitha Kulkarni , VI , B

We started our trek to conquer Kumara Parvat, the second highest peak in Karnataka, on 26th December. The peak rises approximately 1712 metres into the clouds. We were excited about the trek, and my sister Nandita was bursting with energy.

We had packed food and water for two days and carried tents, sleeping bags and mats. The first five kilometers was through cool, dense forest and it was a pleasure trekking here. After two hours, we saw a big rock, with a slope of 60 degrees and a height of 150 feet. We used all our strength and courage to overcome this obstacle. Soon we came across another steep rock. With great difficulty we climbed it, listening to our family's applause as it was an achievement for Nandita, who is just 6, and me.

We stopped for a rest in the midday heat and had a hearty lunch. We took some rest and continued. Finally, we were at the peak of Kumara Parvat at 4:00 p.m. We took in the breathtaking view and congratulated ourselves for accomplishing something very few people have done.

Soon, as the sun set, shading the sky blood red, we set up our tents. My mother started the fire and set the vessel to cook upma. It was pitch dark as it was the day before the new moon and the twinkling stars added to the total effect. We played games around the campfire and went off to bed, amidst the sounds of rustling leaves, which we suspected were the movements of snakes and wild bison.

At 5:30 we woke up and saw the panoramic view of the sunrise. We started our return journey to Kukke Subhramanya. That is when we realised that going down is much, much, more difficult than climbing up. We met a few professional trekkers along the way, who complimented us on our journey and even mentioned that Nandita may be the youngest person to climb to the peak of Kumara Parvat.

By the time we reached Kukke, we were exhausted, but of course, satisfied that we had enjoyed our trek to the maximum.


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