Summer Camp 2011


By The Nursery Section

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 was a day of joy and fun for the little kiddies in KG I and II, as it as the day of the Drawing and Colouring Competitions.

The little ones were eager and enthusiastic to show off their artistic skills in Free Hand Drawing and Colouring. The children were too excited, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the Nursery section. The competitions were conducted in the first period in their respective classes.

The KG I students drew artistically different shapes, fruits, cats and balls, while the KG II students drew fruits, flowers and vegetables, according to their choice. It was compulsory that all the students take part in the competitions.

The drawings were later judged by our innovative, ardent, creative and hardworking staff of the Art and Craft Department. It was a tough job for our judges to decide the winners of the day. Five winners were selected from each class for the First, Second and Third prizes and for two Consolation prizes.

“Every child was a winner in his/her own little way”


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