Summer Camp 2011


By Mrs Lorean Bennets H.O.D.

The Nursery Section of the Daffodils English School held its first event – The Fancy Dress Competition for the year 2009 on August 18, 19 and 20, 2009.

The competition saw the little ones of Prep, KG I, KG II , in their beautiful, exciting and very interesting costumes, draw everyone’s attention

August 18, was reserved for the tiniest of them all, the Prep section with the apt theme – fruits, flowers and vegetables. The little ones’ parents stopped at nothing to showcase their wards favourite fruit, vegetable or flower by dressing them up so. The participation of the small ones, though at times reluctant, was overall an innovative, satisfying and fulfilling event.

The judges were Mr Chengappa, our Secretary and Mrs. Suganya Priya, parent of KG II B student Master Veeresh. She holds a post in ISRO for the past ten years.

The students of KG I had their fancy dress held on August 19 with the theme – Nursery Rhyme or Disneyland characters. The young ones took our breath away with their costumes right out of their fairy tales books. This day saw enthusiastic participation from the students.

The judges for the event were Mr. Sethu Madhavan, our Advisor and Mrs. Bhavani Poonacha, parent of Baby Jashica Poonacha of KG II B Section who holds the esteemed position of Supervisor in-charge of the ICU in M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital.

The final day of the fancy dress competition saw senior students of the nursery section KG II taking us to the historical and puranic times.

The girls were resplendent as Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Lakshmi and Shakuntala while the boys showed off their brawns as Bhima, Hercules and Julius Caesar.

The children participated enthusiastically and won the praise of all present there.

The judges on this occasion were Mrs. Usha Ravi, our Principal and Mrs.Meenakshi Kumari, the parent of Master Arnav Varma of Prep C.

The curtains came down gracefully at the end of the three day event. The show would not have been so elegant without the unstinting enthusiasm and support of the parents and the teachers. The children equally enjoyed dressing up and performing on stage.


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