By Mrs.Suma Mary

‘Knowledge is power’
‘Knowledge is strength’
‘Knowledge is divine’
‘Knowledge is knowing things’
Using it in the right way comes to us only with education and that education should be given to us in our school by calculating the values.
Values are guiding principles that shape our world’s outlook, attitude and conduct. Moral values present a true perspective of the development of any society or the individuals. Knowledge is knowing things.
Man acquires knowledge with his sense organs and also from various sources. Knowledge is power. This power gained should be used in the right way which would lead to the right values of life.
Education is methodical effort towards learning basic facts. The core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in students to manage complexities. It begins at home to be continued in schools. One has to frequently uphold the various types of values in his life, such as cultural values, universal values, personal values and social values. Education among the parents, children, teacher etc., is constantly increasing.
Education is the largest sense in any act or experience that has a concrete effect on mind, character and ability of individual. Education is the small circle. The values taught by this should be improved into a very big circle as Swami Vivekananda said “Follow trick whither it may lead you: carry ideas to their utmost – logical conclusion”.
In the Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “you should do your duty under all circumstances without caring for anything else in the world. The motive for action is action itself, not in the reward. Be honest, stand up and fight for good without expecting rewards”.
Thus education is a process by which man accumulates knowledge. Skills and values are passed on from one generation to another. Those values should be taught in our school life which will assure a good generation ahead.


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