By Manasvi.S. , IX , B

I was born in a mint. Along with my brothers and sisters, I was tossed through the huge room. We were packed in large sacks and thrown into a truck.
I realized in my first hour of life that I was very unlucky. I was in the bottom of the sack and the truck. Many more sacks were heaved upon mine. I had never felt much more pain in my life, not to mention that this was the first time I had felt pain. Before I realized it, I had become unconscious.
When I woke up, I was thankful that I was on top of my dear and near ones. On investigation I found I had reached the bank. Before I could actually learn more about it ,I was scooped along with a few others and shoved into tiny hands. I was so tired after all the shoving and pushing, that I fell asleep as soon as I was placed on the cushiony place.

I woke up with a start as I thought, I felt wet. Indeed I was! I heard a loud pitter patter and I felt so amazed to think that I actually witnessed rain. It was very rare in a coins’ life. Isn’t it said, that rains wash away ones sins?
Suddenly the damp place in which I was opened and a hand groped amongst us. All of us moved away from the hand but my sister was caught. I told you I was unlucky. But my ill fate, she pulled me along. She was quite slippery. I couldn’t hang on to her anymore. Our hands parted and I dropped and landed on the ground with a thud!
It all happened unnoticed. I was left there all alone on the side of the road.The rain continued to pour and I was pushed along with the gushing water. Now I am at the bottom of this little stream. Someday if you hear a scream or a moan , you will know it is me. Then try to rescue me.


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