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Text of the Principal ‘ s speech on the occasion of Graduation ceremony

By Ed.Board

At the outset, let me extend my grateful thanks to all the parents who are in full strength to attend today’s graduation ceremony. Looking at their beaming faces I can well imagine how happy they are that their dearest kids have achieved their first target or goal in their life . And that is they have fruitfully completed their Kindergarten course.
At this stage I would like to say that there are two important people namely the parents and the teachers with whose care, love, affection, guidance, coaching and teaching the tiny tots have been able to complete their kindergarten course.
The first credit, of course, goes to the teachers who are in charge of Nursery, L KG and UKG sections. And they are Mrs Madhuri, Mrs Pravara and Mrs Selvi. I am proud to say that these teachers are a great asset to Daffodil Model High School. Dear parents, when you admitted your kids to our school, you placed them in the safest hands of these teachers. During the last three years they looked after your children as a mother would look after them. They taught them what was meant to be taught. They played with them as a child would play with them. And they fed them as a mother would feed them. In short, there was no deficiency in their services to your children. Our teachers made the school life to your children as a sort of home paradise for them.
Many children of other schools get frightened to go to their schools. But your children feel very happy to come to our school. And that is because our teachers have created such a loveable, friendly atmosphere at the school.
Here in our school, we do not apply undue pressure on the kids during their learning process. We follow children friendly, play way method of teaching. As a result, your kids learn very fast and there is no fear in their heart either about the school or about their teachers. Our teachers have sharpened your children’s brains to such an extent that they will not have any problem whatsoever in their future school studies.
I take this opportunity to thank the parents also. They have been very cooperative with the school management especially with the teachers in the upbringing of their children both with regard to their discipline and education.
Not many schools hold Graduation Ceremony at the KG level .But I am extremely proud and happy to say that our DMHS has been holding graduation ceremony for the tiny tots for the past many years. And that is because we hold great importance to children’s education at the kindergarten level itself. And during the next one hour or so you all can see for yourselves what your children are capable of doing and how we have transformed them.


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