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After a long summer vacation students feel very happy to come back to school. The teachers feel delighted to welcome back the students to school. And everyone, feels happy days are once again at the school. Ask anyone and he or she would invariably say that school life is the best one . And there are so many reasons why school life is considered to be so. School life is always associated with happiness, friendship, fun, laughter, games, sports, entertainment, merriment, jokes. Besides these, it is also associated with mental development, physical development, spiritual development and character formation or development. During the school days students learn many things like how to live in a family atmosphere of togetherness, how to help each other, and how to be generous and charitable. And above all school provides us quality education. Education is a powerful weapon in the hands of the students. With this weapon they can change or transform their lives. They can also reach their goals and realize their aspirations. They can become great achievers and become somebody in society. They can climb the highest rungs of the ladder of success. They can also scale Himalayan heights of greatness. As a result they make their parents, teachers and members of the society proud and happy about them. Such is the power of education!
Summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed. But at the same time students should set apart some time everyday, during the holidays, for improving their writing, reading and speaking abilities or skills. This would go a long way in development of the communicative skills.
This year the summer has been exceedingly very hot. This is a clear sign of global warming. Right before our eyes, climate is undergoing a drastic change for the worst. Mankind, as a whole, should be held responsible for this ugly phenomenon. Mother earth has given us the best things in life. But unfortunately , Instead of protecting our earth we are recklessly destroying it. We are polluting our atmosphere by releasing toxic gases into it. We are polluting our water bodies by releasing the factory effluents and dumping all kinds of rubbish in it without giving least thought to the fact that water is the most wonderful creation of God. Therefore, a day might come when all life on earth would disappear from the earth and our mother earth would become a dead planet revolving lifelessly around the sun. Therefore as students we must commit ourselves to the protection of the earth. We should protect greenery wherever it is present and we should grow greenery where it is not present. We should waste neither water nor power. We should maintain the purity of water and air. We should keep our surroundings clean and make our earth once again a paradise in our solar system.
As we usher in the new academic year, we step into new classes. As a result our responsibilities increase and we should be accountable to all our actions. We should be absolutely focused on our studies and endeavour to improve our grades. By being a role model to our juniors we win the love and affection of our teachers. We should give a lot of importance to personal hygiene and cleanliness. We should keep our school and its surroundings clean. And by planting more saplings in our school premises we can make our school a Green school. On this positive note every school must begin its fresh academic year 2010—2011.


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