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By Madhuri- X

The students of 9th class gave farewell party to the outgoing 10th class students on 16th March 09 .It was a grand and memorable party and so a lot of planning and preparation was involved in the making of this party. It may be mentioned some high school teachers gave a helping hand to the students. The entire expenditure of the party was borne by the students. The individual gifts for the 10th class students were bought well in advance and wrapped up in colorful gift wrappers. A beautiful invitation card bearing the individual names of the outgoing students was prepared by the class artist Wilson. The lunch order was given to a caterer and the menu consisted of soup and Veg-Manchuria as a starter and butternaan , cholay, fried rice and two different types of curry with curd was the main food items of the lunch .Ice-cream was the concluding item of the lunch.

The main entertainment programme was held in the school grounds. The function started at 10AM. Besides the outgoing 10th class students, the other invitees were the Correspondent of the school Mrs. Vani , the Principal Mr .Vikram Sean and the school staff. .Sowmya of 9th class welcomed the gathering and the main speech and the anchoring of the programme was done by Hari Priya of 9th class. The cake was cut by the 10th class toppers Shravya and Saketh Baradwaj. The programme consisted of a number of dance items both solo and group and they were all performed to perfection by the students of 9th to entertain the gathering .They were applauded and lustily cheered for their fabulous performance. An antharaakshi competition was conducted between the teachers and outgoing students. The star singers of the function were Mr.Venugopala Chari, Mrs Vani and Mr Murali Yadav. Individual gifts were given to the students and there was great fun when their nick names were called out. The school's PRO Mr Venkat Reddy took great care in taking the photos for the occasion. The 10th class representative Deepika in her concluding speech promised to the gathering that her class would give excellent performance at SSC examination and come out in superb bright colors thereby enhancing the fair name of the school DMHS and making the staff proud of their exceptional achievement.

The solo dance performers were Ravali, Bhavana, Ritu and Kishore. Those students who participated in the group dances were Ravali, Bhavana, Sowmya, Ritu, Bhargavi, Nagalakshmi, Sravani, Lakshmi Priya, Hari Priya, and Madhuri.

Three 9th class boys staged a humorous skit in Telugu that engulfed the audience into roars of laughter. It was all about the sensitive heart of a oversensitive person and how it breaks into several pieces when it is hurt with disappointment. The participants of this skit were Wilson, Kiran Sai and Kishore.


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