Extra Curricular

Elocution competition

By J Shravya , IX , A

Elocution competition for high school students was conducted on 12 August. The topic chosen was_ Global Warming. The judges for this competition were Mr Murali Yadav, Mr. Sandip and Mrs. Maria. The selection criteria for the best elocutions were grammar, style, pronunciation and tone. Facial expressions and hand gestures also count a lot while judging the students in their elocution competition. It may be mentioned elocution competitions are held with a specific purpose to train the students in the art of public speaking. It is only through constant practice that a person can become a good speaker.

The winners are the following:

X Standard--------1. D S Ravali 2. U Sowmya 3.Hari Priya
IX Standard ------1. V Shravya 2. Asma 3. Kaavya Ahlada
VIII Standard-----1. Teja V N Rao 2. P Sowmya 3. U Shravya
VII Standard------1. Bhavani 2. Saima 3. T Hema
VI Standard ------1. D Vamshi 2. Sai Mahadev 3. Naga Shivani


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