Exams- necessary or not?

By Shreya Viswanath

Every single term, every single year.
The most panicky moments of our school life!
Hoping our prayers would be answered, we sit down and anxiously write what is called an examination.

By definition, an examination means The act or process of testing pupils, candidates, etc., as by questions.
Our students, however, have a different take on the same.

Asked if exams were necessary and why, out of a set of students from the eleventh and twelfth standard,
98% said they were necessary.

Exams are needed how much ever we try to justify otherwise. At the end of the day we go to school to study. said an eleventh grader, Pooja Kumar.

Another eleventh grader Manvi Vaidyanath said, Yes, exams are required to continuously assess a student's progress and growth in terms of cognition.

Shreyas Bhat, a twelfth grader answered, Exams of some kind are needed as they help asses and improve a student's knowledge on the subject as well as help to promote healthy competition among them.

The remaining 2% said they thought exams were not required as they associated exams only with tension and depression.

While the majority thought exams were needed, they suggested exams could be conducted through projects and seminars. This, they thought would help the student to gain more insight into the subject.

Well like it or hate it, we still have to give exams.


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