By Aashish & Anvesh-VII

A Man said to his friend, my tooth is paining, and then he went to a dentist for treatment. After few days his friend asked him how is your tooth pain now. The man replied how I would know my tooth is with Doctor now.


By Sohail Khan-VIII

• Taj Mahal ko na pucho wo to Agra ki shan hay St.Pauls ko na pucho wo to Shamirpet ki jaan hay

• Khoon sey likhta hoin red pen mat samajh na, St.Pauls mey padta hoin anpad mat samajh na.

• Shi shi hey gulab ki pathar sey tod doin, mummy apki yad main khana peena chod doin.

• Mainey usey deykha angle badal badal kay unsay mujhay mara sendel badal badal kay.

• Soney key lakh tukday kardo to keemat kam nahi ho ti jhukey salam...

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