Thought for the day

By Yogesh .B. Hiremath , VIII , -A

1. Silence is not, always golden.
2. Knowledge is power
3. Education is light
4. Honesty is the best policy
5. Empty vessels make more noise.
6. Trust god and never tell lie.
7. Study study study your rank will be ready.
8. All the best
9. Best of luck
10. A little learning is a dangerous thing.
11. An idle mind is the Devil’s Worship.
12. A sound mind in a sound body.
13. A friend in need is a friend Indeed
14. Each man’s belief is right in his own eyes.
15. Fame in the last infirmity of the noble mind.
16. Good fences make good neighbors.
17. Ignorance is bliss
18. Look Before you leap
19. Money in a good servant, but a bad master

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