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By Pranav Diwakar , VIII , C

The poem ‘Grandma Climbs a Tree’ portrays Ruskin Bond’s love for his family. The storyline is as follows: Ruskin Bond, in this poem tells us how his grandmother had a passion for climbing trees from a very young age and how she could climb trees till the age of sixty-two! The only problem was that Bond’s family was scared that one day, she would fall. Once when everyone except Grandma was out of town, the old lady climbs a tree but is unable to come down. After being ‘rescued’ as Bond puts it, the doctor advises her rest. However, Grandma is not able to live without a tree, so she tells Bond’s father to build a tree-house. Accordingly, Bond and his father build a tree-house and this way, Bond and his Grandma spend evenings sitting in the tree- house, drinking sherry.
This poem shows the unconditional love Bond has towards his family. It shows his ability to enjoy unusual events and actions.
What separates Bond from other poets is the fact that Bond converts a real life situation into a story. He has the pieces put together like a puzzle, making this poem flawless, and worth a read.


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