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How does Sports help us?

By R.B.Bharat,IX

How does Sports help us?
Sports, depending on the kind, help people in different ways. Of course, all sports provide people with excercise and fitness, but they also help psychologically and socially. Team sports, like football and basketball, develop teamwork and communication skills, whereas individual sports such as running and swimming provide people with a sense of importance and accomplishment.
Team based sports teach children the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. Sports of all kinds help fill a basic human need of social structure, cooperation and communication.
It keeps you physically fit, mentally strong, builds character, and its a joyful method which helps in taking your mind off of school and other things.
So you stay healthy, and your health is one of the most important things to have. And it's fun.
Sports can help us in lots of ways:
*Reduce stress
*Burn calories, lose fat, gain muscle
*Become more athletic,
*Be more healthy
*It can be a hobby, keep you from being bored
*You can make a career out of it.
*Can increase self confidence, self esteem
*Makes you feel alive
*Make friends
*lots more !!!


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