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Internet Surfing - Do's and Don'ts

By Gouri S Dev , III , A

We are living in a world of information technology and today we can’t live without the information ocean – the Internet and other information channels like e-mails, social networking sites like facebook, orkut, twitter etc.
But surfing internet and communicating with strangers through social networking sites may lead us to traps unless we handle them with care. So deep in mind these Do’s and Don’ts while surfing and networking.
- Do ensure that your computer is protected with a good antivirus software and that it is updated every time you switch on your computer.
- Do log on to known reliable sites only.
- Do set password that they are easy to remember but hard to creack. Don’t use you name, your parent’s/brother’s or sister’s name, your telephone number, family car’s number etc. as your password. Crackers can easily find such passwords.
- Do keep your username and password a secret. Don’t write those informations anywhere.
- Do set filters in your e-mail account to block mails from strangers.
- Do not furnish your or your parent’s personal details asked while trying to downloads any files, including games, songs, movies etc. Consult your parent in such situations.
- Do use privacy settings on social networking sites so that only your well known relatives and friends can read your profile and see your photograph.


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