Science- A Good Servant But A Bad Master

By Jerriton Brewin

Since creation, man has been trying to dominate the world that he lives in. Innovating the impossible
and discovering the unimaginable has been his keen intensions till now. The effect of Science in the
lives of Human Beings can be explained as follows:
The dominator:
Technology has been growing in a rapid pace since the evolution of science. It has been paving the way for Humans to create 'impossible creations'. From
the combining of two simple atoms to two powerful machines, the role of science can be seen dominant. We might have read books of fiction where we come across scientists using Science as a weapon of destruction or a tool of innovation. But one way or the other, the role of science has been visibly seen over the past years.
Science- A good servant:
Science, if used for the goodness of mankind, can give better profits.Through science and technology, scientists have paved the way to make this world a better
place. It has led to the construction of large buildings, advanced technological machines and navigation to different parts of the world. Therefore science has been a loyal and good servant in serving humanity.
Science- A bad master:
On the other hand, if the term 'science' is to be used in the opposite manner, it can lead to several consequences. As a master, science has paved the way
for mankind to invent weapons of war and destruction. It directly or indirectly brutalises and torments us Humans. If science is to be the dominator, it would
undoubtfully cause a disruption and would become a threat to the entire world.
Let's decide:
Let us do our best to keep science as a good servant and not as a bad master. The scientists have made the world a wonderful place. Let us therefore
join hands and make it still a better and beautiful place for mankind.


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