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Importance Of Dance In Education

By Ameya Arora , III , A

Historically, dancing has been a part of our established society since the days of the primitive man, and I bet you all, it will be… till the end of time... In the old civilizations, dance was always a signal that proves for something important had happened, will happen or is happening. There have been dances that thanked the universe for bountiful harvests while there have also been dances that sought respite from drought and famine. Dances were also used to prepare warriors for battle, to crown Kings and to celebrate marriages. Since times immemorial, dance has been the expression of our lives.
Essentially, dancing has been and is important because it is part of us as humans, we live, we love, we laugh and we dance. Dancing has manifold advantages, for both young and the old. Dancing contributes immensely to the personal improvement of the child and thereby enhances all types of skills that are required for better education. Research has shown that dancing boosts child’s self-esteem and enhances confidence in them. Dancing requires memorization and so helps children improve their overall memory when trying to remember steps. Dancing improves listening skills in children, whether it is for the instructions or for the beats. Dancing imbibes social skills in children and teaches them how to interact with their peers in a positive and a non-competitive manner. By participating in dance events, they experience what it is to participate in pure cooperative and collaborative group endeavors. They best learn to be supportive, to truly work as a team and to compromise. Dancing, in any form is an enjoyable and a wonderful form of exercise. Dancing helps the body’s circulatory system and improves cardiovascular health. Dance improves the flexibility and helps with a much better posture and improves muscle tone. The lack of physical activity and consequent obesity problem amongst children can be offset by dance. Dancing helps to relax, reducing stress and tension. We can undoubtedly say that dancing is tantamount to children's well-rounded education, personality development and overall well-being.
Besides entertainment, probably, these are the reasons that the use of dance in reality shows are on an upsurge in our era. Several reality dance shows for children and adults are now being televised globally, proving dance to be a significant art form. Internationally, dance has been accepted to be a medium of sharing human values; little wonder the stages of international events such as the Olympics, World cups, Conferences, Beauty pageants have always commenced with musicians and dancers showcasing the uniqueness of their cultures.
I guess that’s probably the reason why Friedrich Nietzsche once quoted “Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education: dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that, one must also be able to dance with the pen?"


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