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All India Camel Colour Contest

By Reetu Dawar

Art being an important subject for balanced perception and aesthetic growth of a child in school curriculum. Art is taught in every part of the country and is given enough importance as a subject. AICCC serves as a platform to lay down some basics and explain the importance of art as a learning tool.
All India Camel Competition was held in the Montessori & Primary Department (Classes I, II, III) on the 8th of September, 2010 . The topic given to the Montessori children was "MY FAMILY".It provided opportunities for freedom of expression and the hidden talent of the little artists flowed on the paper.Around 700 odd students participated in the category A from the Montessori in India's biggest event related to hunting talent in the field of art.The topics given for classes I and II under the age group B was- A Fair Scene and Class III students under the group C were given to draw and colour on the topic-Sports Day in a school The students from all the sections partcipated and showed their talent in this open competition of talent hunt . Ten best enteries from each section were selected and given for judgement. The result of the competition is still awaited.


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